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Friday, 31 July 2015

Support for Jeremy Corbyn grows by the day

Corbyn steams ahead in Labour leadership race as another trade union pledges support

Jeremy Corbyn

Two more Trade Unions and another batch of Constituency party organisations, endorse Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership. We are told however, that "critics" still claim that he is not electable.
It is worth noting that these "critics" are predominately the media and television who have their own agenda for supporting their particular choice from the other candidates and Blair with his camp followers.
It is the "Tory light" version of the Labour party that would ensure the continuation of a Conservative government into the foreseeable future. A Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party offers a clear and distinct alternative to the "status quo" of the tired old Labour policies which bear little difference from conservative policies, apart from the colour of the box in which they are presented.
It is this difference which terrifies the media and explains their hysterically vitriolic campaign of smear, distortion and belittling against the Islington North MP. The Blairites and the so called "centre", fear that their dominance within the Labour party is crumbling daily and the comfortable position of the Parliamentary Labour party within the "Westminster Bubble", is challenged.
Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord with both new and old Labour party members and with people across the country by offering real alternatives to the failed policies of past decades, and demonstrating that integrity, principle and giving straight answers to questions still can be found in politics today.
Support Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour party.