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Friday, 17 July 2015

An extra £135 per week for MP's !

David Cameron: 10% pay rise offers MPs opportunity to be more charitable

MP's have been awarded a salary increase of more than 10%. This award has been granted by the "independent" pay review body and consequently MP's are unable to do anything about it. They may of course as individuals, refuse to accept the increase or alternatively pay the extra cash into some charity or other deserving organisation. The extra money on their payslips, amounts to somewhere in excess of £7000 per annum, which is in excess of the money many people receive as income. Put another way, this figure amounts to around £135 per week.

10% increase for MPs was confirmed with salary now at £74,000.PA

It is then ironic that not too long ago, some Public sector workers, nurses, NHS workers and other essential workers were awarded, by another independent pay review body, an increase of between 1% and 2% dependent upon specific criteria. In this case however, the MP's blocked the independent pay award as the "country could not afford the increase".

Nurses protest: Government's refusal to give a 1%t pay increase to all NHS staff.

You may detect a degree of inconsistency in this saga.
Personally, I think that it is a bloody outrage that these money grabbing, expense fiddling rogues can milk the system while the rest of us are condemned to suffer the consequences of the austerity measures necessary for the benefit of the country. Austerity measures which incidentally are imposed upon us by MP's !