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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Cooper, Burnham and Kendall offer only more of the same.

Yvette Cooper: Labour members have “a choice of two futures”, if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership.

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper would have us believe that only she, or Burnham or Kendall (and obviously she would prefer it to be herself) can provide a return to power for Labour. It is a message that many people in this country may find rather familiar. The message that says only the right or centre right of the Labour party, is capable of securing an election victory to beat the Conservative and form a government. It is the same message which has been trotted out for many years with dwindling impact upon the electorate. The reasons why the Labour party has lost so much of its membership over the past 20 years together with a hemorrhage of voters to the SNP in Scotland and to UKIP in the rest of the UK, particularly evident in the May 7th election, is essentially because of the message that Cooper sends out today.

The "right" and "centre right" candidates

For far too long, the so called right and centre right of the Parliamentary Labour Party party have assumed that they have some sort of divine right to dominate the party and to determine what the policies shall be and in which direction the party will go forward. In this role of domination they have pursued the path of seeking to satisfy the “centre ground” with Labour versions of what are essentially Conservative policies. The result of this deception is that people have taken the view that rather than vote Labour and get some wishy washy facsimile of a Conservative government, they may as well vote Conservative, or perhaps more likely and disastrous for Labour, not vote at all or move to the SNP or UKIP candidate.
In one sense, Cooper is right when she says that this Labour leadership election provides “a choice of two futures”, but the comment applies specifically to the Labour party and the policies and values which the party should adopt. On the one hand, Cooper, Burnham and Kendall offer more of the same. A rag bag collection of of pseudo Conservative policies wrapped up in a different coloured paper, and presented to the electorate under a cloud of lies and deceit in yet another attempt to gain power at the ballot box.

Jeremy Corbyn. The "other" candidate.


The other candidate is the one that they, and the media and television, all fear. That explains the almost hysterical campaign of smear, innuendo and personal attacks being waged on the front page of practically every newspaper and on many of the popular news channels against Jeremy Corbyn and those who support him in the election campaign. How strange it is that the candidate who speaks about issues and vision, the candidate who is generally acknowledged (even by opponents) to give straight answers to the questions and to tell the truth, the candidate who offers real alternatives to the failed policies of past decades, should be so vilified and abused by those who have lies, deceit and duplicity as part of their everyday make up.