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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Another example of "balanced" reporting from Andrew Grice of the Independent.

Andy Burnham's Labour leadership prospects boosted after 15 election candidates show support. 

(But Grice does not mention  the 27 election candidates who state support for Corbyn)

Andrew Grice: Not very subtle in his display of bias.

A typical piece of "balanced" reporting from the Independent. Fifteen election candidates support Burnham screams Andrew Grice, but he fails to mention the 27 Labour candidates from the 2015 election who have publicly stated support for Jeremy Corbyn.That is almost two to one in favour of supporting Corbyn.The Independent joins the media campaign of smear and distortion in their hysterical efforts to influence Labour party members to vote for anyone except Corbyn.
Biased and partisan reporting at its most reprehensible.