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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The "Interim Labour Leader" is in the wrong party !

Harriet Harman struggles to hold Labour together over welfare changes

Harriot Harman. A "leader" in the wrong party

Harriet Harman "struggling to hold the party together on welfare changes urging Labour MPs not to vote against the welfare reform bill" !
Harman has been drifting more to the right for some years and now seems to have finally lost the plot altogether.
She is certainly not the same Harriet Harman who I and thousands of other Trade Unionists stood with on the Grunwick picket lines some years ago. It seems that since her election in Peckham (now Camberwell and Peckham) in 1982, she has gone the way of many people, elected to Parliament as Labour MP's who have found Parliamentary life with its associated kudos of office is far more attractive when following the "Party line" and being rewarded with appointments to shadow posts under Kinnock and then ministerial positions under Blair and Brown.
Fortunately, not all Labour MP's have allowed the prospect of rewards from the Party leader to supersede their political beliefs and principles.
In the case of Harriet Harman urging Labour MP's not to oppose this governments plans to cut welfare expenditure, she has demonstrated abundantly clearly, that she is in the wrong party.