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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A government at war with itself.

The Conservative party at war.

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This rag bag collection of inept egoists, misfits and shameless conspirators make a laughing stock of themselves and of the "government". Theresa May should show the strength and character expected of a British Prime Minister and consign these miscreant ministers to the back benches this afternoon, but her position is too weak to react and in any case, her character is too feeble to hold the office. She lacks the backbone and the authority necessary to lead the country at this historic period of our history in our relationship with Europe and through the continuing domestic crises in healthcare, housing, welfare, employment and education. She should stand down and give the people the opportunity choose a leader to take us through these difficult times.
Hammond, Davis and Johnson have demonstrated on numerous occasions, that they are far too wrapped up in their own self advancement to be anything other than disaterous in the role of Prime Minister, and their open hostility towards each other, and anyone else who dares to disagree with them, should warn us all of their hubris.

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Until such time as Theresa May stands down or is deposed in some palace coup, the government will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis and sink deeper into the mire of confusion and ineptitude, while in the meatime the country pays the price.