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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The unacceptable face of British journalism

Without any shame, British "journalists" exploit terrorism in London and Manchester to make political gain for their own ends.

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National newspapers will endorse a political party dependant upon the view of the proprietor and the editorial management. We may not agree with their endorsement, but it is their decision. 
Today, one "newspaper" carries an endorsement for Theresa May and her conservatives on a front page which is the most scurrilous and reprehensible front page since their coverage of the Hillsborough disaster some 27 years ago.
Under the pretense of conducting "an investigation", this "newpaper" unashamedly cashes in on the terrorist atrocities of the last three months by linking a speech made many years ago to a large rally, attended by some 10,000 people, to terrorist events in London and Manchester in the last three months.
Over the course of its history since first being published in 1964, this "newspaper" has managed to avoid any retribution for its reporting of events by using the "freedom of the press" argument, which they clearly belive allows them to publish anything about anyone they choose no matter how scandalous, outrageous or distorted such publication may be and no matter how offensive the reader may find the "story".
It is an outrage and perversion that these journalistic leeches have been allowed to exploit their apparent immunity for so many years.
Should their idol, so entusiastically endorsed this morning, ever have the opportunity to, "tear uphuman rights laws and clear away barriers to fighting terror", she would do well to remove this "newspaper's" protection and that of its proprietor, close down all their operating premises and intern all their staff, without trial or due process, for an indefinite period.