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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Summer Sostice 21st June 2017.

The Summer Solstice.

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It has arrived. (Well almost as it is 04:53 at the time of writing this).
The Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere anyway arrives at 05:25 BST.
From today, the days get shorter and consequently the nights become longer as we move towards the awful day in October when that scoundrell creeps around in the middle of the night and vadalises all the clocks in the country (especially mine) causing disruption, inconvenience and body disturbance for the next six months.

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However, in what days may remain before the trauma of "clock change", let us enjoy the sunshine, the warmth and the occasional cooling drink. June promises to be the hotest for more than 40 years and there is every prospect that the heatwave will continue.
Happy days.