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Friday, 30 June 2017

Conservative MP criticises DUP deal then votes with government

Conservative  MP voices fury in Parliament at her party's 'distasteful' DUP deal 

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Heidi Allen proving yet again how cheap words actually are.
This time, she berates the agreement her party has cobbled together with the DUP for the sole purpose of keeping Theresa May in office for a few more weeks,and then walks into the lobby side by side with the despised politicians from Ulster.
Her almost weekly outbursts of indignation with her governmemt and its actions, closely followed with her voting to support what ever the whips instruct, is indicative of someone seeking attention in controversy but acting in a completely different fashion.
Some might even argue that saying one thing and doing another, verges on hypocrisy and in Heidi Allen's case, not for the first time.