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Monday, 5 June 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 4th June 2017

Good morning everyone

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Last Sunday, I commented on the terrorist atrocity in Manchester, which killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in the city. I could not even imagine that only one week later, I would be commenting on yet another terrorist outrage, this time in London, leaving seven people dead and hundreds more injured. Only three months ago, six people were killed on Westminster Bridge in another vehicle and knife terrorist atrocity.
We must recognise that these barbaric crimes are becoming more frequent on the streets of our towns and cities and consequently we must find another way of addressing the terrorist threat. We must also accept that the security of our nation and its citizens cannot be maintained "on the cheap" and we must ensure that our our police, emergency and security services have the facilities and personnel that they require.
The events of last night were an atrocity which we all condemn without reservation and our thoughts must go out to the victims and the families of those affected by this outrage.

R I P the 7

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The television events of the week were the "debates" of the party leaders for the general election to be held next Thursday (8th June). The Sky News event with Fisal Islam and Jeremy Paxman as "hosts", was probably the worse one of the three. It is rarely if ever, that I agree with Andrew Pierce, Consultant editor of the Daily Mail and regular newspaper previewer in the Monday evening Sky News morning papers preview slot, along with Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin McGuire. However, following the much heralded Televised "Debate" Pierce observed that Jeremy Paxman, "is past his sell by date". In fact, Paxman's performance on the programme revealed more than that. Not only had his "sell by date" expired but his contents has developed a distinct odour of decay and mold. The defining moment came when Paxman again interrupted a partial response and Corbyn said "Can you let me finish?", to which Paxman, showing his utter ignorance and disrespect shouted "No". All in all, Jeremy Paxman produced a biased and vulgar performance. Boorish and disrespectful, Paxman in the space of some 20 minutes clearly demonstrated all that is wrong with journalism, particularly television journalism, in today’s United Kingdom.

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The "pundits" are predicting heavy rain, wind and storms for the next few days, just as it was 73 years ago, apart from Tuesday 6th of course when it did not rain.

Have a nice week