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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Evasive, hessitant, annoyed and not fit to be Prime Minister.

Theresa May avoids questions on personal response to Grenfell disaster

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In an interview with Emily Maitlis,on BBC’s newsnight last night (Friday), the Prime Minister Theresa May, performed even worse (if that is possible), than she did throughout the entire general election campaign and since.

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Evasive, hessitant and annoyed, the prime minister avoided every single question concerning the fire at Grenfell Tower, the recommendations of the 2009 Coroners Report into a similar fire at Lakanal House in Camberwell and her failure to judge the mood of the public in response to these latest tragic events in Kensington.
All May seemed concerned with, was repeating parrot fashion how "my government", has allocated £5 million for immediate relief and how she has ordered an enquiry into the events and circumstances of the tradgedy.
Earlier, the Prime Minister had been shamed into revisiting the scene of Wednesday's fire which has claimed the lives of as yet an unknown number of people. She was met with visible hostility from people in the area and quickly returned to her car and escort to be returned to Downing Street.
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Her visits were in marked contrast to those of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn who circulated freely amomgst the crowds, answering questions and innteracting with people, victims, emergency service personnel and releif workers.
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Theresa May is unfit on so many levels, to hold the office of Prime Minister of this country. She is being propped up in office by a clique of conservative politicians more concerned with their own fragile positions than the well being of the country generally, and by a proposed shabby "agreement" with the DUP which itself seems to be even more remote as each day passes.
The people of Kensington are understandably angry and they are frightened. Theresa May and her government, fail to see or even understand why this is the case. They are unfit to govern and should resign.