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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Iain Duncan Smith. A shameless hypocrite.

Lying comes as second nature to this former conservative minister and party leader

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It never ceases to amaze me how government ministers or MP's can appear before the public and lie and spin without any sign of shame or sincerity.
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This time it is Iain Duncan Smith who on BBC Nesa 24 has just told Naga Munchetty, that the £1.5 billion bribe to buy the DUP votes in this House of Commons is not a bribe nor is it the result of shaking the "magic money tree", because it is not "new money" and has always been in the accounts ready for use. More over as it is not new money, but funds allocated for specific uses elsewhere, the "Barnet Formula" does not apply for any adjustments for Scotland or Wales.
I always knew that Iain Duncan Smith was a nasty duplicitous piece of work, but this mornings performance exceeds anything that this former minister, former party leader, former student who lied about his qualifications has done before.
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A disgraceful interview from a shameless hypocrite.