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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Callous and indiferent, the Prime Minister tells nurses there is no "Magic money tree"

Theresa May criticised for telling nurses “there is no magic money tree” to increase their pay as living costs continue to rise.

Image result for BBC Question Time Prime Minister tells nurses there is no "Magic money tree"
There is no Magic money tree
The patronising and arrogant, Theresa May insults all NHS workers when she tell one nurse that there is, "no Magic money tree", and that is the reason for the 8 year long pay freeze which has cut nurses pay by 14%.
Presumably, the "Magic money tree" was mysteriously dug up after Theresa May and the rest of the MP's received their two pay rises last year adding well over £1000 per year to their already genreous salary levels, and the "new rules" ensured that they could keep their expenses claims secret as new higher expense levels were introduced.
Arrogant, spiteful and hypocritical, the Prime Minister insults all the British people with her self serving callousness