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Friday, 2 June 2017

Ineptitude, incompetence and confusion.

Torries "can't promise to hit immigration target" says David Davis.

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More turmoil and cotradictions in the conservative party. Theresa May promises, for the third election running, to cut net migration to under 100,000 (which pleases UKIP). A few hours later, on BBC Question Time, Brexit Secretary David Davis says that the conservatives can not promise to hit the reduced figure (which displeases UKIP).

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The Prime Minister and her Brexit Secretary, again demonstrate the confusion and ineptitude within the conservative party and their election campaign (which displeases every conservative candidate seeking election or re election next week).
The conservative are in a mess on practically every "policy" that they have proposed since calling the election. They promise only to produce a "Green Paper" for consultation and discussion, but not until after the elction.They are asking the British people for a "blank cheque".
Their own parliamentary candidates around the country are criticising their "leadership" and the campaign which has been a disaster from day one.
With this ineptitude and incompetence, how can anyone trust these confused, sad individuals to form another government?