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Friday, 23 June 2017

It is not too late to cancel a "risky and expensive" project.

Spending watchdog condemns 'risky and expensive' Hinkley Point

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Why do we have to wait for a report from the National Audit Office, to tell us something that we have known for years?
Many of us have been arguing for some time that the project is risky and expensive and would provide “uncertain strategic and economic benefits”, for Geat Britain.
The British tax payer and the consumers who will eventually pay the price for this economic and social lunacy, have been sold down the river to RDF and the French government, who will make £ billions in profits from the artificially inflated prices for the electricity produced at the plant.

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It is still not too late to cancell the whole project which has always been a scheme created for the economic benefit of the French and for the prestige and kudos of the British government. In the long run, it will be infinitely less expensive for the United Kingdom, than this economic, social and environmental monstrocty, sitting on the coastline of Somerset.