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Friday, 23 June 2017

The Conservative party machine is above the law.

Undercover footage sparks new investigation into Tory breaching Representation of People Act during 2017 general election

Image result for Undercover footage neath call centre
The Heath call centre(but if aske say you are callig from Cardiff)
The conservatives are a law unto themselves.
First election expenses and now this, plus whatever else as yet undiscovered unlawful acts that they have got away with over the course of months or even years.
Thse responsible should have spent time in prison after the last discoveries were brought to light, yet they avoided prosecution.
Should these latest allegations be confirmed, then those people responsible must be prosecuted and imprisoned.
Image result for Undercover footage neath call centre
Posing as Axe Research from Neath. (but say Cardif f if anyone asks)
The conservative machine becomes more like some sordid American political organisation with a bottomless pit of money, an unhealthy attitude to getting their candidate elected at all costs and a complete lack of morals, honesty or any understanding of right and wrong.
The "Things are only wrong if you get caught" mentality.
At some time no doubt there will be some form of investigation. It remains to be seen if their imunity from prosecutions persists.

Vdeo link to Channel 4 News at top of this page.