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Saturday, 10 June 2017

An unaccetable price for so many reasons.

Prime minister apologises to Tories who lost seats

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Until 07:00 on the 8th May 2017, the Prime Minister, was telling everyone that only she, (or me, or I, or my, or even at one point, "My government"), would provide the "strong and stable leadership", to take the United Kingdom through the Brexit negotiations with the European Union and acheive "the best possible deal" for this country. Just 24 hours later, Theresa May was defending her indefensible decision to remain in the Premiership, using the phrase, " As the party who won the most seats, and the party that got the most votes" as providing the legitimacy for her to form a government in a hung parliament. One meaningless and frequently parodied phrase, had been replaced by another set of words which might be very deep and meaningful to Theresa May, but to almost everyone else simply portray a delusional rationale for clinging to office and then employing any squalid gambit to acheive that objective.
Theresa May had taken a parliamentary majority and for purely cynical and politically motivated reasons, called a gerneral election to gain a "clear mandate" from the British people but had only suceeded in losing 13 seats and her overall majority. A gamble based on a 40% opinion poll lead prior to the election had resulted in a lack lustre campaign, badly organised and ineptly conducted scoring a huge own goal against the Prime Minister and the party she leads. One conservative MP said that the party campaign was a "complete pigs ear" and another added "We didn't shoot ourselves in the foot.We shot ourselves in the head". Writing in today's (10th June) Daily Mail,  Andrew Pierce reveals "the story behind the Tories catastrophic campaign" and in a scathing article, reports the extent to which dissatisfaction and anger is flooding through all levels of the Conservative party from senior MP's and the "Grandees" at Central Office and amongst the backbench members in the House of Commons.

Flanked by her members of Parliament, Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader, and former Northern Ireland First Minister, Arlene Foster (centre), poses for a photograph outside the Stormont Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on June 9, 2017, following the result of the general election.
DUP members
To compund a disasterous period of inept judgement and poor leadership, Theresa May in another act of self interest designed solely to keep her in residence at number 10, May has resorted to the last desperate gamble available to her. To the distress and alarm of most of her own parliamentary party, to the horror of the majority of the press and to the dismay of many groups around this country, Theresa May has entered into "discussions" with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northrn Ireland, for them to shore up her lame duck government with their 10 votes in the House of Commons, in exchange for some as yet unknown benefits. Such a deal it seems would not be on the formal level of a full blown coalition, but would instead be on an issue by issue basis on a "supply and confidence" arrangement. The Prime Minister has come to this grubby scheme she says, in order to provide stability for the coming Queens speech, together with the commencement of the Brexit negotiations both due in just one weeks time.
The Prime Minister must be aware of the unsavory nature and background of this political gang that she is so keen to collude with, but of course the over riding motivation for her actions are, as was the case prior to the election, political self interests, this time to retain the remaining vestiges of power. There are many crucial objections to having any political arrangement with the DUP no matter how loose such such arrangements may be. Apart from their questionable past and their links with terrorist organisations during "the troubles", the DUP, there is the over riding consideration that the British governmenthas always held and promised a role of "honest broker" in the power sharing arrangements of the Nothern Ireland parliament. It would be a strange situation indeed if the "honest broker" was in bed with and reliant upon one of the parties to the power sharing agreement.
Apart from the curious to some, fact that the DUP refuse to work on Sundays (political realities do not stop at Saturday midnight for 24 hours), the DUP are historically opposed to same sex marriage, abortion, LGBT rights and other liberties which we in mainland UK consider to be the normal.
There are many areas where the DUP may extract a heavy price for their 10 votes, which would cause resentment among people in mainland UK, not least of all on the question of finance and investment. There have already been suggestions that the DUP would demand a significant increase of investment in Northern Ireland infrastructure and facilities in exchange for their support. The British people would not take kindly to seeing huge and expensive civil projects being commenced in Ulster, paid for and financed by austerity on the mainland. Finances earmarked or promised for Pensions, Benefits, N H S spending and Education exenditure being diverted and used in Northern Ireland to pander to the vanity of Theresa May and her desire to remain as Premiere of the country is an unacceptable price to pay.
Prime Minister May gambled her party's prospects and the country's future on a frolic of her own, driven by arrogance and vanity. She lost the gamble and should now take the advice of other Tory MP's, the press and sections of the public. Abandon this hazardous escapade with the DUP, accept the inevitable and resign now.