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Monday, 19 June 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 18th June 2017

Good morning everyone

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I could never have imagined that within the space of just three weeks, I would again be commenting on yet another loss of life in this country. Not this time from the terrorist bomb or bullet, but from an apparent man made tragedy which has claimed the lives of 58 people so far. The images of the fire which engulfed Grenfell Tower in Kensington will stay in the memory of anyone watching their televisions or reading their newspapers last Thursday morning. The effects on the families and friends of the victims, the emergency services and on the community, will always be there. Fire, ambulance and police services again deserve our thanks and gratitde.

R I P The 58 and those still to be found and those who will never be identified.

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Seagulls have been a problem for many years, but recently the incidence of attacks on humans, particularly children, has become even more chilling. The problem of course, rests with those morons amongst us who will insist of feeding these screeching pests, despite standing right next to a sign stating, "Don't feed the gulls" and thus causing the birds to prefer an ice cream or a scone and jam rather than hunting for their own food natural at sea.
Hitchcock's "The Birds" has come to Portland this week with the story of Chris Pritchard, from Portland and is terrified to leave his house because of a vicious pair of gulls protecting their young. Chris said " I can’t leave my house without getting attacked.” Meanwhile in Weymouth, some gulls enjoyed lunch after attacking a family outside a restaurant in the town."It was very frightening as they are really very big and one of the gulls grabbed the wire basket our chips came in and flew off with it". The moral of this story is very simple. Do not feed the gulls and if you see anyone else indulging in this unsocial behaviour, tell them to stop too.

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After taking the United States out of the Paris agreement on climate change President Trump makes another blunder and cancels agreements with Cuba. It is reported that he is now considering "regime change" in Iran! This ego-maniacal President is putting the clock back 60 years.
He is dangerous to the world and should be removed from office as soon as the American judicial process allows.
In the meantime, we just have to hope that he is not able to inflict more damage on the planet and its people than he has already caused.

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A video has emerged of a meeting when Boris Johnson was still Mayor of London. Johnson was defending the latest round of cuts to fireman’s jobs and the closure of a number of fire stations around London. After being exposed by a series of questions, Boris becomes very agitated and shouts across the floor at his questioner, saying "get stuffed". This ignorant ******* also wants to be Prime Minister.
The Bullingdon Club of misfits, perverts and rich toffs provides a very sound basis for future life. He should have stayed with "Have I Got News For You".

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The weather this week will be hot (so they say). I have now retrieved our fans from the garage.

Have a nice week