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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Making scapegoats of others to save yourself

May’s ‘abusive’ top staff removed as recriminations grow over poll failure

Image result for Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy
Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy
In much the same way as John Ehrlichman and "H.R." Haldeman "resigned", Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy are made the scapegaots for the actions or even inactions of their boss.
It is the person in charge who is ultimately responsible and should therefore be held to account.Clinging on to power and allowing others to take the blame is not the mark of "strong and stable". It is a squalid deed of a person not fit to hold the office to which they are desperately clining.

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Within a short time after Ehrlichman and Haldeman were forced to go, Nixon was forced to resign too.It cannot be too long before May does the honorable thing and stands down from the Premiereship.