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Monday, 29 May 2017

Iain Duncan Smith a rambling,hypocritical and confused 39 seconds

Duncan Smith demands Corbyn IRA apology

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39 seconds of Iain Duncan-Smith proving to the world what a nefarious and hypocritical opportunist he really is.
Leaping into the current conservative party and media frenzy of finding any connection no matter how tenuous between Jeremy Corbyn and "links" to terrorism or the IRA, Duncan-Smith seeks an apology from Corbyn for, "trying to equate all violence in Northern Ireland as though it were on an equal par with terrorists trying to blow people up as they tried to do in Manchester before, in Birmingham and in London, with people who were serving, sent there to serve, like myself in Northern Ireland doing our duty to try and uphold peace, that is a disgrace and I want him to apologise for that".
The problem for Duncan-Smith is that he has created a complete distortion of what Jeremy Corbyn actually said and placed his own warped interpretation on the words.
In this he is not alone, as the media, television pundits and other conservative politicians have been doing the same thing since last Friday when Corbyn made his, "War on terror is simply not working" speech. The difference with Iain Duncan-Smith is that in his haste to get onto the personal attack band wagon, not only has he distorted Corbyn's words, but he has created a rambling and confused interview "speech" with which to do it. Additionally to insert the phrase that, "many of my colleagues lost their lives doing it" is clearly just a cheap shot for emphasis and effect which demonstrates again, how cynical and hypocritical this former conservative party leader and former Secretary of State actually is.

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Duncan-Smith you may remember is the person caught on television cheering, shouting yes,yes,yes in the House of Commons as more cuts to disability and welfare payments were announced in the Osborne budget some years ago.
A truly horrible man, full of bile, spite and hypocrisy who fails on so many levels and anything he says can be dismissed as spiteful cynicism.
He has failed in everything he has tried or touched in the past and this 39 second contribution is no exception. .