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Monday, 29 May 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 28 May 2017

Good morning everyone

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The week has been dominated by the events at the Manchester Arena atan Ariana Grande concert. This appalling terrorist suicide bombing, carried out by Salman Abedi, which killed 22 people and seriously injured many others, has been rightly condemned by all as an atrocity and reminds us all of the threat of terrorism.
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims.

R I P the 22.

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Regular readers may have gathered from previous e-mail that I am not a great fan of Kelvin MacKenzie. (He is despised by thousands of other people too and is still persona non grata in Liverpool.) Without entering into a discussion on the offending Sun front page, which was published the day after the Manchester bombing, and was the only "newspaper" not to cover the story, I just offer the following observation.
Another reprehensible and crass Front Page from the Sun.
I was under the impression that the obnoxious Kelvin MacKenzie had finally departed from the Sun, the "newspaper" of infamous misrepresentation and lies, and rode off into the sunset to grow roses in his garden (preferably in some other distant country).
Unfortunately however, his ghost still wanders around the offices on the editorial floors of the paper and worse, still seems to have use of processors upon which to write his loathsome stories.

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Lord Brett Sinclair and James Bond. Two of the greatest roles (amongst many others, Simon Templar, Shaun Fynn, Ivanhoe to name but three) any actor would be proud to have filled. His portrayal of James Bond is considered by many to be the definitive 007 and I think that I would agree with that view. He also had a tremendous sense of humour.

R I P: Roger George Moore KBE 14 October 1927 – 23 May 2017.

Perhaps I might mention some Blogs which I wrote during the past week. Should you have a few moments to spare and have an interest in these things, just copy the link and paste into your browser.

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The Conservatives can produce a child's breakfast for just 7p per meal.It seems that they can also feed thousands of people on just 5 farmhouse sliced loaves and 2 medium sized mackerel from the Asda fish counter. With this miraculous sleight of hand, the conservatives and their manifesto promises have, also, at a stoke, found their solution to the Food bank scandal.
Do I detect another U turn coming?
With so many U turns we hardly know in which direction they are now facing. Frankly, neither do they.

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Today it is raining very heavily with associated thunder and the occasional flash. Tomorrow it will be raining very heavily with associated thunder and the occasional flash. It seems that all the available "weather pundits" are predicting that this pattern will last for the rest of the week. It must be coming up to Wimbledon Fortnight (or three weeks if it rains) so gather up your strawberries, get in some extra thick cream and set up a stall in Church Road, Wimbledon, SW19 5AE.

You can charge £5 per strawberry (yes per strawberry not per pot!)

Have a nice week