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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Who is the enemy?

Theresa May declares war on Brussels, urging: 'Let me fight for Britain'

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Apart from the usual suspects from the usual sources, there seems to be a consensus of opinion that Theresa May has lost the plot with her demented attack on European leaders (who we formally referred to as partners) and European civil servants in Brussels.The BBC News and Sky News, as is only to be expected in these days of blatantly pro government bias, seized upon the reports and newspaper coverage which emphasised and  encouraged the "strong and stable leadership" aspects or the "hands off our election" headline or standing up to "European threats" against Britain and all the other nonsense that the Prime Minister spewed forth while standing at the Downing Street lectern yesterday.
Many commentators have today likened yesterdays performance to that of Donald Trump during the American Presidential election campaign, noting that Theresa May makes all the necessary Trump like allegations and threats but seems to lack confidence in her own remarks.As one commentator put it, "Theresa May is looking and sounding rattled, if not a little unhinged". and it is not difficult to see how he comes to that conclusion. 

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What the Prime Minister was seeking (and failing) to do with her diatribe of yesterday,was to convince the British people that the United Kingdom is under attack from a hostile European enemy led by European Commission President  Jean-Claude Juncker, leading a coalition of Angela Merkel's Germany, and .Council president Donald Tusk coordinating the other 26 countries.
The reality of course as recognised by most observers, is that Prime Minister May has seized upon the age old tactic of making up a half baked conspiracy theory to distract everyone from her failures,while at the same time seeking to rally electoral support behind a notion of patriotic fervour. Trying to win a general election by creating imaginary enemies is not a new  stratagem, but in this case and at this time it is certainly a cynical and arrogant example of contempt towards the British people.