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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The ghost of Kelvin MacKenzie still haunts the sun

Another reprehensible and crass Front Page from the Sun.

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I was under the impression that the obnoxious Kelvin MacKenzie had finally departed from the Sun, the "newspaper" of infamous misrepresentation and lies, and rode off into the sunset to grow roses in his garden (preferably in some other distant country). 
Unfortunately however, his ghost still wanders around the offices on the editorial floors of the paper and worse, still seems to have use of processors upon which to write his loathsome stories. 

This morning every other newspaper carries the headlines of an appalling suspected terror attack on a pop concert in Manchester which has claimed 22 lives. The the front pages also give coverage to the continuing disintegration of the conservative election campaign as their 3 day old manifesto promises crumble and Theresa May is forced into an unprecedented "U turn" on the Dementia tax proposals.
The Sun however, again departs from reporting news, choosing instead to full front page headline, the now very stale Jeremy Corbyn story of his alleged "links" to the IRA. At election times, it is usual for the media and television to be generally anti Labour party, although the personal attacks on the leadership during this election campaign is quite scurrilous.
However, having said that, today's Sun front page is beyond the pale and exceeds the boundaries of what may be describe as acceptable journalism and sensitivity.