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Friday, 26 May 2017

Mum killed herself after having benefits stopped

DWP 'have blood on their hands' say family.

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This wretched government, their "austerity" measures and their not fit for purpose (and practically privatised) DWP, should be consigned to history.
Again the conservatives demonstrate that the system and its rules are far and away more important that the inviduals that the system was supposed to support.
The DWP said "“Our thoughts are with Miss Whiting’s family at this difficult time.
Suicide is a very complex issue. Jobcentre Plus is currently investigating a complaint from the family and will respond back shortly.”
The DWP and this government should hang their heads in shame at the way the people relying on their services are treated. This is not the first case of suicide and it certainly will not be the last unless there are significant changes.