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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The undisguised bias of our media and television.

Len McCluskey has all but written off any prospect of a Labour victory 

What a scurrilous, obnoxious and reprehensible press and television this country has to contend with.
The media is today filled with "quotes" from Len McCluskey to the effect that "Labour will lose the election" and "it would constitute a “successful campaign” if Labour win 200 seats" and " I don’t see Labour winning. I think it would be extraordinary,”. What these "news reports" fail to mention is that McCluskey prefixed his comments with the remark "If the opinion polls are true then....".
Add these few words to the beginning of the remarks then the complete quote take on a whole new meaning and a different emphasis.
The media lies and distortions have sunk to a new despicable low with today's corruption of truth to spread political mischief. Shame on the press and their lying editorial bias and shame on those who spread this bile.