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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Prime Minister sees a naked Jeremy Corbyn.

Theresa May gets personal in attack on Jeremy Corbyn

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As we move closer to polling day in the 2017 general election, the election that Theresa May repeatedly said would not take place until 2020, that is until the prospect of a three figure overall majority in the House of Commons became too attractive to resist and she took the cynical opportunistic decision to "go to the country", the conservatives and their media allies are becoming increasingly rattled, almost by the hour, as they recognise the distinct reality that the Labour party can not only win, but can win with an overall majority.
This realisation has led to a shift in emphasis in the conservative election campaign, a shift instigated by Conservative Central Office and enthusiastically taken up by the media and television, to move away from policy and direct their attacks against the man, not the Labour programme, but against the leader Jeremy Corbyn. The savagery of these personal attacks has become even more hysterically perverted over the course of the last few days, with the Jeremy Paxman "interview" (now mysteriously missing from news programmes), with Corbyn on last nights (30th May), Sky News Special: Leaders Debate" rating as one of the most attrociously biased election programmes ever seen on British television.
Theresa May, the conservatives and the media, have now come to believe that personal attacks against Jeremy Corbyn, smear and distortion are their only hope of salvaging any prospect of clinging to power. This new conservative tactic is a clear indication that more and more people are coming to view the Labour party manifesto is proposing the best solutions and the best way forward for them, their children and their grandchildren.
It is now for the Labour party to press on with the task of setting out our policies which will set the course for the United Kingdom for decades to come. We must continue to resist being drawn into a sterile exchange of personal insults and smears as our opponents would like to achieve.

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We must ignore the Theresa May vision of a naked Jeremy Corbyn. Ignore the lie of the "uncosted" manifesto promises. Ignore the facile quip about "his minders can put him into a smart blue suit for an interview". Ignore the Telegraph and its smear story of the "scheme to allow thousands of unskilled labourers to move to the UK" or the Mail's sideswipes at practically all the Labour leadership.The conservatives are media are panic-stricken with fear and so resort exclusively, to the impotent gambit of a personal attack campaign.
Now is the time, with 8 days remaining in the campaign, for the Labour party to wade into the attack not with personal insults, but with the positive visions of the Labour party manifesto. 
Hammer home the message that a Labour government will freeze tax, VAT and National Insurance for 95% of our people, retain the triple lock on State pensions and keep winter fuel payments and travel concessions. Press the arguments for reversing the decline in our NHS and incresing funding for welfare and mental health care. Make the point repeatedly, that the freeze on public sector pay will be scrapped and that our NHS staff will receive a decent wage for the invaluable services they perform and that the chronic staff shortage problem will be addressed. Attack this conservative government with our promise to increase funding for schools and abolish tuition fees for our students. Hammer the message that we shall build one million new homes for low cost ownership and for rent, giving thousands of families hope of having their own homes. We shall secure a Brexit deal with our European partners that is in the best interests of all our people.Hammer home these messages to every home and every voter in the country, as this election is arguably the most important election for many years and will effect our lives for decades to come.
The conservatives are now reliant on the negative of personal insults as they no answer to a Labour party programme which will transform Britain and build a society for the many not the few.