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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 07 May 2017


Good morning everyone

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May Day came and went and we are now almost into June. Where has this year gone? Perhaps it is my imagination. but each year that passes seems to be compressed into a shorter and shorter period.

Image result for nurses at food banks
Image result for nurses at food banks

Last Sunday (30th April), on the Andrew Marr programme, Prime Minister Theresa May, clumsily avoided a question from Marr in respect of nurses being driven to use Food bank charities, saying that there are many reasons why people go to Food banks. On BBC's "Question Time" on Thursday, David Davis defended the Prime Minister's remarks saying to a quite hostile audience that " People have short term cash issues, all sorts of things... the complexity of individual people’s lives, of course she was right.”

In this 21st Century, it cannot be right that nurses are forced to use Food banks and Pay day loan companies.

Image result for condor liberation collides with yacht

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, I have often been critical of the "new" Condor ferry "Liberation" and of the operator who runs the concession. The Liberation appears to have been jinxed since its maiden voyage back in 2015, with a series of "collisions" and a catalogue of mechanical break downs and engine failures. This week the latest "incident" was in Guernsey when, not for the first time, Liberation encountered problems while manoeuvring in St Peter Port Harbour. This week, the ship collided with a moored catamaran the pontoon, and a buoy when arriving in St Peter Port.
Also this week, Condor produced a report and figures stating that Condor Ferries' punctuality and reliability has improved. Its a strange old world.

Image result for honesty boxes in jersey jep

There are a number of small stalls with produce, predominately Jersey Royals, around the lanes on the island, with "honesty boxes" for the passer by to leave payment for their bag of vegetables. In the main, the boxes are used by there are also a small number of thefts where the person drives off without leaving payment. This week, a CCTV image of a woman appearing to film herself allegedly stealing produce from an honesty box veg stand was posted online. The picture of the woman who was actually smiling for the camera, was posted on line onFacebook page along with a damming post about her alleged actions. Its a strange old world.

Image result for theresa may attacks europe

Is the United Kingdom really about to go to war with the rest of Europe?
Apart from the usual suspects from the usual sources, there seems to be a consensus of opinion that Theresa May has lost the plot with her demented attack on European leaders (who we formally referred to as partners) and European civil servants in Brussels. As one commentator put it, "Theresa May is looking and sounding rattled, if not a little unhinged". and it is not difficult to see how he comes to that conclusion.

It is getting warmer. I again predict that summer is about to arrive. Or is it?

Have a nice week