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Monday, 15 May 2017

Impracticable, imprudent, foolhardy and completely uncosted policy to "Boost rights for workers",

Theresa May set to BOOST rights for workers in ‘greatest’ family friendly policies pledge.

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Just as you were thinking that there was nothing more that the conservatives could announce in their quest for support from, "traditional working class voters". Just as you thought that there could be no more "policies" that the government could produce to try to convince everyone that the conservatives are the natural party to represent working people and the only party to safeguard ordinary people and their families. Just as you thought that you had heard it all, the Conservatives today announce an impracticable, imprudent, foolhardy and most importantly of all, completely uncosted  policy, as their latest attempt to regain some ground in this election campaign.
As we might expect, the staunchly partisan media allies in the Express, Mail and Telegraph, hail this as   the "greatest expansion of workers rights" by any Conservative Government, echoing Theresa Mays's own hyperbole, and the greatest extension of employee protections ever introduced by a Conservative government as the Telegraph puts it or even "the family-friendly proposals", as trumpeted by the Express. Not content with pirating Labour party proposals and with some minor changes, claiming them to be original conservative thought, the conservative party now resort to pure, cynical fraud in their desperate efforts to catch up with the growing appeal of the Labour party manifesto and to achieve some inroad into Labour support. However with this latest attempt to model their own interpretation of what they perceive would be a Labour policy, the conservatives have combined a series of random thoughts and produced a "policy" which any first year economics student could drive the proverbial bus through.
The conservatives propose that  The cost and disruption to industry, particularly small business employing less than 200 workers, would be immeasurable and the additional "red tape" to administer the proposals would cripple many firms and drive up costs. Clearly, only very large companies would be in a position to absorb the additional costs and the increased disruption. 

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Already, business leaders and organisations, have poured water on these latest proposals describing them as being impracticable and costly. It is improbable that the conservative  party would propose any such disruptive, uncosted and  unreal measures, unless driven by some ulterior motive. In any case, the Prime Minister is only too well aware that such proposals would never be agreed by the vast majority of conservative back bench MP's, resulting in any necessary legislation never coming into effect.. Clearly the proposal to introduce new statutory rights to unpaid leave for carers and bereaved parents, fresh protections for workers with mental illness and safeguards against pensions mismanagement sound attractive at face value. Add to this a proposal to grant workers the right to take up to 12 months’ unpaid leave to care for family members with an illness or disability. Clearly attractive words which will have an initial appeal to many but do not stand up to scrutiny on the detail and the wider consequences. Another contemptuous inducement  to deceive the electorate as the conservatives demonstrate yet again the depths that they are prepared to sink to when taking the public for granted.
We can be confident of what the reaction in the media would have been had the Labour party included this proposal in its manifesto. Those champions of balanced reporting, truth and reason, would have been in hysterics screaming in their headlines and from anywhere else that people may hear them, that the Labour party was attacking small business with uncosted policies which would drive up prices place massive burdens on companies and force many small businesses to go to the wall.

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Banner headlines demonstrating a contemptuous  bias in media coverage, all too common in this present day and particularly during this election campaign.With the propaganda from the press and the hypocrisy from the Prime Minister, the British people are being fed a diet of fabrication in the hope that they will be deceived into voting for the conservatives on June 8th. The falsehood that the conservative party  are the only party to represent working people and their families.The lie that Labour has  "deserted working-class voters", and now the glaringly obvious subterfuge to attract votes with a cynical appeal, proposing a policy which everyone knows to be nothing more than a contemptuous plea for votes.