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Friday, 12 May 2017

The conservative election campaign is falling apart

Labour manifesto will transform people's lives

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The conservatives are in trouble and they are rattled.They have now realised that the nonsense peddled by the media and television over recent weeks or months, of a 20 or even 30 percent conservative lead in the polls, was no more than media inspired propaganda, designed to undermine and discredit the Labour party and generate gloom and despondency among Labour supporters.The mood at Central Office must be one of alarm verging on panic as the reality dawns that the cynical and opportunistic calling of a General election for the sake of "strong and stable leadership" for the country and to strengthen Prime Minister Theresa May's position at the Brexit negotiations, is crumbling around them as we move towards June 8th, less than 4 weeks from now.
When the Labour party draft manifesto was "leaked" yesterday, the media launched into an attack upon Labour proposals and questioned how such measures would be financed, which is their stock, cliche ridden  response to any Labour party programme. However, as the day wore on, it became apparent, that many of the policies outlined in the draft document were in fact attractive to many voters and would be very popular in the subsequent manifesto. 
By nightfall the mood in conservative party headquarters must have been decidedly morose as straw polls taken during the day indicated that 8 out of 10 people supported this or that Labour party proposal. The desperation of the conservatives and their media supporters became clearly noticeable in the newspaper previews on Sky Television News and BBC News 24, with Sky again winning hands down with their undisguised anti Corbyn and Labour leadership slant. 

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The exchanges at the news-desk between Camilla Tominey, the Royal Correspondent of the Sunday Express and Guardian Social and political commentator Deborah Orr, were often heated as each vied with the other to be the most critical as they reviewed the set of lurid headlines presented specifically for the purpose, but Tominey managed to talk over her co previewer and push the media line.
On the front pages, I seem to detect a perceptible softening of the hard-line anti Labour bias in at least some of the press. The Guardian for example leads their front page with "Corbyn vows to transform lives", while the Express, Evening Standard and the Star have no political comment at all on their front pages. However, what we can always rely on is the staunchly conservative apologists of the Mail, Telegraph and Times where the headlines and comments are today are even more hostile and ludicrous than those of 24 hours previously. These "newspapers" persist with their almost suicidal determination to drive home their distorted message of cataclysmic consequences for the people and the country should a Labour government or more accurately a Corbyn Labour government, be the result of the election on June 8th. In this mission they resort to lies, smear, personal abuse and jeering contempt towards the Labour leadership generally and Corbyn in particular. Today for example "Corbyn's fantasy land" from the Mail or "Labour MP's ditch Corbyn's manifesto", in the Telegraph bear witness to the depths that the media will sink in order to rubbish the Labour party, while the Times tops the bill with "Labour fights civil war over manifesto" adding " Labour candidates were in revolt last night as Jeremy Corbyn and his allies forced through a manifesto for what could amount to the biggest state intervention in more than four decades". 
Clearly, with this frenzied response from the media, it is evident that the Labour party message is connecting with people around the country. The "leaking" of the draft manifesto seems to have had a more positive effect with the voters than those leaking it may have hoped for. Having endured the economic and social hardships of the past seven years, the people of this country are weary of conservative policies of cuts, austerity, 7 years of falling living standards as real earnings decline, deterioration of conditions in our NHS and social care services as funding is cut in real terms, benefits capped and the bedroom tax forcing people from their homes, more and more people forced to resort to the Food bank charities or Pay Day loan companies and the never ending crisis in housing as more people face the prospect of never being able to afford a low cost home or even to rent a home.
The Labour party programme manifesto, to be published early next week, will contain many measures, some of which have already been made public. 
In health and social care, Labour will provide additional funding to Guarantee access to NHS treatment within 18 weeks and being seen in A&E within four hours. Scrap NHS pay cap. Suspend planned hospital closures.We will put an extra £8bn into social care, including £1bn in the first year, to address the immediate crisis.
Labour will  immediately scrap the bedroom tax, the punitive sanctions regime and reinstate housing benefit for the under-21s. A social security bill would repeal cuts in support to disabled people and adopt a new social model of disability, which means removing the barriers in society that disable people.
In housing, Labour will  implement the council house building programme for 30 years, and build “at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for genuinely affordable rent or sale”. Building new private sector homes will become a national infrastructure priority, with help to buy funding guaranteed until 2027. A pledge to end rough sleeping within five years includes 4,000 homes reserved for the homeless.
Labour will abolish tuition fees and reverse the cuts to education funding introduced by the conservative government.
The Labour party is committed to taking back into public ownership, the Railways, The energy companies, Royal Mail and other sections of British industry sold off to the private sector over the years.
The policies are striking a chord with the electorate and we must continue to press ahead with our positive campaigning for a fairer society where no groups or individuals are left behind.
The conservatives and their friends in the media are aware of the advances that we are making in our interactions with people around the country, which is the reason for their increasing levels of hostility. They have no policies of their own, or any other arguments other than to bang on about Brexit and the "strong and stable government cliche, which they have relied upon throughout the campaign.This election was never about just one issue, and we have shown that a positive campaign centered on our agenda and our programmes will appeal to the British people and generate a positive result at the polls.

The policies detailed in our manifesto will transform peoples lives and we shall build a society for the many not the few.