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Monday, 1 May 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 30 April 2017

Good morning everyone

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Everywhere you look, there seems to be election mania. Elections for President of France, elections to local councils around the country, elections for Mayor in a number of cities and of course a general election for the United Kingdom to give us a government for the next 5 years. Unless that is, that the incumbent Prime Minister sees a political opportunity and decides to cut and run before the full term, as Theresa May did just about a week ago.

Just a few items which can be viewed in full. Just copy and paste the links into your browser.
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One of my contacts was having a bad day during the week and noted that they probably needed a drink. In my normal helpful manner, I offered the following, which you may like to try at some time.
Take a tall glass and put in some ice cubes. Pour 1 measure of Liquore Galliano over ice. Add 2 measures of your favourite vodka, Fill glass with fresh orange juice to i inch from top of glass. Add 1 measure of Cherry brandy. Do not stir. Drink through straws from bottom of glass. Enjoy. (The little twist of orange is optional)

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On the Marr show yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the vast majority of "NHS workers had pay rises of nearer 4%". This is of course considerably more that the derisory 1% that this sector has been awarded over the last 7 years and is a complete contradiction of reality. She also stated that "there are many reasons why people go to Food banks".

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Leaving aside our own personal political views, there can be few who would not be appalled at the fact that today, in 2017, we have nurses who are driven to use the Food bank charities and many who have to take "Pay Day" loans each month just to make ends meet until their next pay slip.
In today’s society, this situation is a scandal and a disgrace.

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Meanwhile back in Jersey, there are still no plans or more importantly no money, to repair the iconic landmark Steam Clock, located on the St Helier harbour front and which has neglected for some years. It seems that the next wind or perhaps one after that will probably rip off the vents and destroy the whole thing. The answer is a simple one. Either find the money and repair it or remove the thing completely.

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Today it is raining. Tomorrow it will be May Day, and more rain is forecast. We may well get a little wet dancing round the Maypole, and the Morris Dancers might find rust in their bells.

Have a nice week