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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The usual conservative tactics to divert attention.

John McDonnell accuses Tories of 'lies' on Labour spending plans

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The conservative party have this morning launched their customary attack on the Labour party with,"Taxation bombshell for families", scaremongering. It is traditional at some stage in every general election, for the conservatives to raise the spectre of family incomes being depleted taxation. This time, even the Guardian gives extensive coverage to the message accompanied by a reference to the Conservatives launching a personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn by pasting his picture over an image of a bomb. The Guardian however, fails to provide an opportunity for any reader to comment on the article.
What it not mentioned of course is the effect that conservative taxation proposals and those already in place, would and are having on the majority of families in this country. The conservative cut the 50p rate of income tax effectively benefits only those earning in excess of £150,000 per year, while at the same time preventing the standard and lower rate of tax being reduced.The Labour party would make a progressive tax system so highest earners are “fairly taxed”, shrink the gap between the highest and lowest paid.
Corporation tax has been cut by the conservatives, with further reductions in the CT rate promised for after the election The reduction in corporation tax rates benefits large companies and businesses, but does nothing for families

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The Labour party have already committed to no increases in VAT rates or National Insurance contributions after the election and has abandoned plans for a "mansion tax".
At times of elections, the conservative party with monotonous regularity, spew out the distortions and untruths in respect of Labour party taxation plans. It is regrettable that the media should, so enthusiastically, give coverage to such dishonesty as many people will actually accept the scaremongering as truth.