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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Conservative campaign is coming apart

Theresa May is deluded about Brexit – there is no way she can make a success of it

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Just 25 days into the 2017 snap election and already the Conservative campaign is falling apart with claim and counterclaim regarding high profile conservative platforms such as Europe, Pensions, taxation, the NHS pay award and the continuing differences between the Prime Minister and some of her cabinet colleagues. 
The much heralded "strong and stable" leadership from Theresa May, has crumbled into an embarrassing squabble about what was or was not said at the "working dinner" at 10 Downing Street with European Commission President  Jean-Claude Juncker. The Prime Minister dismisses the reports of bad tempered bickering reported by the media and in practically every European news paper as just "Brussels gossip". In a telephone conversation the following day with Angela Merkel, Mr Juncker is reported to have said that Theresa May “lived in another galaxy” and was “deluding herself”. 

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The "cap" proposed by the government on energy prices have been lifted directly from the Ed Milliband Labour party manifesto of 2015, which indicates that the conservatives are now playing "catch up", as the reality dawns that they will now have to address the real issues rather than try to divert all arguments towards Brexit. The feeble defence of the Health workers derisory 1% pay award, coupled with the avoidance of questions concerning nurses having to resort to Food banks and payday loans, the failure to give any assurances regarding triple lock on pensions, and rather vague assurances on VAT and National Insurance rates are the sum total of conservative promises outside a constant banging on about Brexit. Placing a total reliance on the phrase that "The funding of Labour's plans do not add up", is a well worn and now redundant conservative cliche which is well past its sell by date.
With each passing day, the criticism of the Prime Ministers position on the negotiations becomes louder and more widespread from the other side of the Channel. It seems that the British position on Brexit as proposed by Theresa May is rapidly crumbling, but unfortunately there is no fall back position and the Prime Minister is renowned for being unable to think on her feet or plan alternatives.

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In the meantime, Labour push on with proposals for a massive increase in house building, additional police on our streets, reform of the Trade Union Act, changes to taxation and inheritance tax concessions, provision of free school meals, retention of the triple lock on pensions until 2025 scrapping of the 1% pay award for NHS workers and the introduction of a substantial pay award, with an end to and reversal of the privatisation of our NHS Thee proposals, with more to be revealed when the Labour party manifesto is published in a few days time,reveal that the party is reaching out to all areas of society in this country and not just a few vested interests of the rich and privileged
The conservatives generally and Theresa May in particular, are full of an arrogance brought about by media and television propaganda designed to convince us all that the result of the election on June 8th is a foregone conclusion and that the only question is the size of the conservative majority.. 

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In Scotland, Wales and certainly in England, it is becoming  patently obvious that the conservatives are failing to connect with the people and the issues that matter, which will ultimately decide the result of the general election. Insulting other European leaders and issuing threats is not the way to secure any sort of acceptable agreement on the United Kingdom,s departure from Europe. The conservative are badly out of touch with Europe and with the British people and still believe that the opinion polls will deliver them a substantial majority at the election.