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Monday, 29 May 2017

Saudi Arabia to execute another "criminal" for taking part in a protest.

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man 'for taking part in protests'

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Munir al-Adam
Saudi Arabia is a strong ally of the west in the continuing war on terror and the exchange of intelligence information. This is the reason why so many of our politicians and Royalty are prepared to go there and be wined and dined in lavish style, by the despotic Al Suad royal familiy, government, civil service, military hierachy etc.This is the reason why we sell them £millions of weapons, aircraft, ships and military hardware every year to support them in their "struggle" against civilians in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and many other parts of the Middle Esast.This is the reason why we stop criminal investigations into bibery and corruption between the Saudi's and leading United Kingdom manufacturing companies. To continue our good relationship with Saudi Arabia, we acquiesce when they export terrorists and terrorist ideology around the world including to the UK. The Saudi regime execute hundreds of their own people every year by the most barbaric methods and we say nothing.
The latest to face beheading at Deera Square in Riyadh, is Munir al-Adam, 23 a disabled man, sentenced to death in a secretive trial in the country’s Specialised Criminal Court last year, for the "crime" of attending a protest.
The Saudi Arabia record of human rights violations and abuses civil rights in the country is one of record, but we in the United Kingdom remain silent as Saudi Arabia is a strong ally of the west in the continuing war on terror.

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The United Kingdom is also aware that Saudi Arabia has vast resources of oil.
There is little that is more dispicable than State hypocrisy and we in the UK are experts at that.