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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Theresa May, patronising the "proud and patriotic working-class"

If Labour has ‘deserted' the working class, what have the Tories been doing for the past seven years?

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Prime Minister Theresa May, has been appealing to voters around the country, claiming that she and the conservative party are the only party fit to represent working people and their families.Yesterday (12th May) while campaigning (in front of specially vetted audiences), in the North East of the country, the Prime Minister put out the most extraordinary claim yet, amongst the multifarious extraordinary claims made by conservative politicians thus far over the course of this election campaign, to the effect that the Labour party has "deserted working-class voters". She went on, in her usual patronising style, to address "The proud and patriotic working class people in towns and cities across Britain" , saying that she is "reaching out to any dissatisfied Labour voters, promising to earn the trust of all our people" if she wins the General Election on June 8.
This bizarre diatribe from the Prime Minister appears to be a rather feeble response to the content of the Labour party manifesto, leaked a short time before. As is usually the case with cobbling together an answer "on the hoof", the responder rarely provides a reasoned or even credible response.
The "proud and patriotic working-class" have, over the past seven years, had their earnings frozen at below or linked to inflation level,disability benefits have been cut or even stopped altogether for some claimants,cuts in the NHS and provision of welfare care as waiting times increase and services decline, cuts to school budgets resulting in teachers sending begging letters to parents for money to buy books or fund educational facilities, while at the same time, head teachers shorten staff hours in order to meet their school budgets.The last 7 years of the conservative government has seen reductions in rate of taxation for the very rich while the tax burden for 95% of our people has risen. Corporation tax for businesses has been substantially reduced ensuring sufficient funding for significant bonuses and salary increases for top executives and CEO's.
We have seen a substantial increase in the number of people now having to rely on the Food bank charities, where now over 1.5 million people are regular users. It is now the case that nurses are using Food banks and Pay day loan companies in ever increasing numbers.

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The prices charged by the privatised utility and energy companies continue to rise ensuring large dividends for the shareholder and huge bonuses for the executives, while their customers, we the consumers are forced to "switch suppliers" which invariably is of little benefit as all suppliers operate in unison with their price increases. Regardless of what the "watchdog" or the government minister may say, the consumer does not get a fair deal as the great British rip off continues unchecked. On the railways, the huge subsidies and fare increases are allocated to the shareholders and the foreign owners to the detriment of the travelling public and the British tax payer.
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The patronising comments and tone of the Prime Minister's appeal to the "proud and patriotic working-class", is but the latest example of how out of touch with reality the conservative party and their leader actually are. They have taken for granted that the outcome of this coming election is a foregone conclusion and that they do not have to account for their record over the past years. It is the height of pretentious arrogance that the Prime Minister claims that the conservative party is the only party which represents working people and their families, when all the available evidence proves the opposite to be the case.
Again, Theresa May resorts to the tedious and banal political negative, on this occasion, "the Labour party has deserted working-class voters", as her only response to the Labour manifesto. A party manifesto which she knows has struck a chord with many Labour party supporters and voters.
As the conservative campaign continues to fall apart they are becoming more desperate as each day passes. This latest blunder demonstrates all too clearly, how the conservatives and their leader are predisposed to patronising those who they seek to represent and moreover to take the electorate for granted.