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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A commitment to disaster.

Britain to Double Military Support To Syrian Rebels


We are becoming more and more involved in this quagmire with each passing day. Our involvement stems primarily from the hidden agenda in Washington, the British fixation with all American policies and the conception of a  "Special Relationship". (In fact, the special relationship only exists in the minds of British politicians since 1941. Clinton is reported to have said that the special relationship with America, only exists with three countries: Israel, Saudi Arabia and Ireland).

The so called "opposition" in Syria is a fractured collection of groups with no clearly defined common objective other than the removal of Bashar Al-Assad.
The question then is, "Which set of Syrian rebels do we give our support to?"
The answer of course in "none". Stay well clear of this civil war. The Americans are itching to become even more involved which ultimately will result in "boots on the ground". (It is highly probable that American special forces and CIA "advisers" are there already.) The ground is being set for US/British involvement. A disaster waiting to happen.