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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A high price indeed David

 Afghanistan Deaths 'High Price' Says Cameron

cameron afghanistan
David Cameron has visited Afghanistan a number of times

Prime Minister David Cameron said the country has paid a "very high price" for the work it is doing in Afghanistan.A high price indeed David. It is the price that this country pays for being "shoulder to shoulder" with the United States of America in their Bush inspired escapades in the Middle East. The "very high price" of a Blair/Bush fairy tale, endorsed by a majority of the House of Commons, in a war which could never be won.

Shoulder to shoulder


 The "very high price" of invading a country which has never been conquered in more than 500 years as everyone knew in October 2001. Since 2001, a total of 444 British service personnel have been killed in Afghanistan, predominately by enemy actions. How many more will be killed, before we finally withdraw completely from this mountainous landlocked country in South West Asia, can only be speculated at, but there will no doubt, be more. During these last 12 years, British troops have as usual, distinguished themselves with courage and determination in the face of very difficult conditions. It is the politicians who are responsible, with their badly conceived and ill judged adherence to American foreign policy, the lack of adequate equipment and materiel and a lack of political commitment to establish a swift withdrawal strategy to end this tragedy. Yes David, the country has paid a "very high price" for a war which should never have taken place and the political ineptitude which allowed it to happen.