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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bryan Forbes, 22 July 1926 – 8 May 2013.

 Bryan Forbes, acclaimed film director, dies aged 86


Bryan Forbes, CBE (22 July 1926 – 8 May 2013)

Bryan Forbes, CBE (22 July 1926 – 8 May 2013)
I remember Forbes in a number of films.
An incompetent "stooge" in a doorway in The Colditz Story, or holding (with others) an auxiliary steering wheel below decks on the badly damaged Exeter in  "Battle of the River Plate", and serving James Robertson Justice another cup of coffee in an office "somewhere in the middle east"  in "The Guns of Naverone" and numerous other film parts some of which did not even have a credit.
He will probably be best remembered for his writing and directing.
Very sad.