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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Private firms buy data on NHS patients, including their identity, for £140.

Bupa approved to access medical records as campaigners question patient consent for release

Lloyd George Patient Record Boxes

This is outrageous. At no time as far as I can remember, has any health minister, or anyone in government or in the ConDem coalition suggested or even hinted that medical records could be sold off to private firms without any reference to, and without the knowledge of the patients concerned. 

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt

The way in which this government has recklessly pursued the privatisation of the NHS is in itself an act of theft and barbarism and now to compound this ravaging, they propose to sell patient records from any remaining parts of the public system. Their "friends" in business have fared well from the governments idolisation of the private sector, and they now can purchase intimate details of people and their medical histories for as little as £140.00. There is no end to this governments vile actions and their obscene commitment to sacrifice all publicly owned assets and associated information on the alter of privatisation.