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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The "politics" of women's trousers.

  UKIP Donor says Women who wear trousers "Look bad from behind".


On the 8th March 2013 I wrote "............I find it noticeable that, again, the "establishment" propaganda machine has moved into action to rubbish and discredit a party or philosophy that is perceived as a threat to the "status quo" of the political club in this country."

It seems to me that someone commenting on "women's trousers", no matter what phraseology they may choose to use, is neither newsworthy or interesting. In fact I would suggest that every day it would be possible to hear remarks about trousers, or "butts", or any of the other frivolous snippets contained in the "story", in any street, cafe, restaruant pub or anywhere else you may happen to be. What then makes this offering from Demetri Marchessini (who ?), worthy of a front page entry and banner headline in the Huffington Post ?

Demetri Marchessini

Perhaps the answer lies in the comment made on the 8th March. It is patently obvious that the "media" has over the past few weeks, become obsessed with UKIP its members or supporters and will report any item which may discredit or ridicule the party or individuals associated with it.
This item is one such example. Rummaging around in a 10 year old book and finding nothing better to report than a quote that, " It’s about the curves..." says much for the researcher and even more about the motives.