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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another music school and sex abuse allegations.

 Sex Abuse Allegations At Leading UK Music School


nigel kennedy

A decade ago Mr Kennedy spoke out on what he had witnessed during his time there, telling a BBC programme that “there were some strange things going on with some of the girls…that would have been illegal, definitely”.
Mr Kennedy, whose claims were not investigated further at the time, yesterday reiterated his experiences telling Channel 4 News: “I just know that Marcel Gazelle was a repeat offender and it wasn't a one off thing.
 Yehudi Menuhin School

It seems that child sex abuse is historically endemic in British society and only recently has been subjected to such scrutiny and investigation. It is a vile and reprehensible feature of the murky side of life and seems to be predominately carried out by those in a position of trust. Politicians, teachers, entertainers, the clergy, children's homes those in authority should be rigorously pursued, along with family members who may also be involved in such practices and the full weight of the law should be applied.