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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tory government "whips" ensure Labour support for Cameron.

Labour saves David Cameron again.

Gay marriage bill survives after Ed Miliband votes against amendment

What is happening to Labour? They abstain on a vote and help the Tories to retrospectively change the law on Welfare reforms following the Poundland fiasco, and now they vote with the Tories to prevent another  government defeat, this time on a gay marriage bill amendment. I would have thought that it is not the function of the Labour party to support and maintain a government who are every day, attacking working people with pernicious austerity measures, attacking the sick and disabled with vicious cuts to services and support, attacking benefit claimants with reductions in payments, and attacking people deemed to have spare bedrooms. I left the Labour Party some time ago as they had drifted away from the core values and principles that I supported. It now seems that they have become nothing more than "lobby fodder" to support an evil and corrupt Tory government.