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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

MP's have little or no shame



 MPs Demand Cheaper Alcohol In Commons Bars


Hard on the heels of, "MP's complain dinner expenses are not enough" (as reported on 4th April 2013), comes this latest example of what has become an outrageous and patronising insult to the people of this country. By calling for cheaper alcohol prices in the Commons' bars and restaurants (already subsidised by £5.8 million of taxpayer's money), these "Honorable members" demonstrate a complete lack of empathy with a society where austerity rules and almost one million people rely on foodbanks to feed their families. Not satisfied with fiddling  expenses to augment their already extortionate salaries, they seek to inflate their daily food allowance and now pay even less for their wines, beer and spirits. For decades past, many MP's have had an over inflated view of their position and now consider themselves to be very important persons indeed, deserving of special consideration and not subject to the constraints or limitations of the rest of society. The myth of "We are all in this together" has finally been smashed. MP's have little or no shame when ensuring that their snouts go further into the trough.