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Monday, 27 May 2013

Artillery Road, Woolwich


'Snooper's Charter' Will Be Revived in wake of Leigh Rigby murder.

Drummer Leigh Rigby

 The horrible murder of Drummer Leigh Rigby has quite rightly provoked outrage and disgust across the country. Having said that however, it is difficult to understand the motivation for the hysterical media coverage, spearheaded by Sky News and BBC News 24, which has been a constant feature of their programmes over the past week. It is not as if there has been no other deaths of British soldiers over the past decades upon which the reporters could have lavished such hyperbole and repetitive rhetoric.
The effects of an IED in Hellmand are equally if not more traumatic on the human body than are knives in Woolwich, but the media chose only to report the lurid details of the killing and to publish photographs of the alleged attackers, video of conversations they had with passers by and the video with sound track of the eight shots fired by police to end the incident. The following hours and days have been filled with numerous interviews with “witnesses”, contributions from various experts on “terrorism” and the usual meaningless rhetoric from politicians lining up to make cheap points and provoke reaction with practically every other word uttered being either “Islamist” or “Muslim” or “Jihadist” or “terrorist” or some other emotionally charged phrase.
The effect of course was predictable. The EDF on the streets, arrests of demonstrators, racist postings on Twitter and numerous other social media outlets, and counter demonstrations on the streets of towns around the country. (Even at the height of the “troubles” and the IRA attacks in London, Manchester and other cities, together with the associated loss of life, both civilian and military, can anyone recall such intense media coverage of terrorist actions.)
All this against a background of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people going to Artillery Road, Woolwich to leave flowers and tributes as a mark of respect, which is of course commendable but, I wonder, how many people would have been moved to make the visit had it not been for the overwhelming media coverage.
In the wake of the outrage and the public reaction to it, politicians now move to implement some rather vague measures under the general description of “security”.
Theresa May has plans for a “fresh crackdown on extremists groups”, David Cameron announces the launch of a “Task Force” to tackle extremism and radicalisation” and as Medi's morning memo reports the Mail on Sunday vows, “I'll gag the hate clerics”. This and more in the media over the last few days, all very inspiring blood curdling stuff, but is it real? The empty rhetoric of Downing Street stoking public perceptions and ensuring that the threat of terrorism is maintained as justification for further erosions of public liberty.
Home Secretary Theresa May.

 Something that is very real and very sinister, is the plan by Theresa May to revive the so called “Snoopers Charter” and slip it in under cover of the general public outrage, rather like the use of the Reichstag fire in February 1933, to implement the Reichstag Fire Decree” and in March of the same year, the “Enabling Act”.
The media and the politicians have gone to great lengths in a rather vain attempt to convince us all that this murder in Woolwich, and other's elsewhere, are not related to government foreign policy. This proposition is, of course is utter nonsense and defies all logic. The comments proposing a “new task force” or gagging hate clerics rather suggests the opposite.
The danger that we must be aware of and vigorously resist, is the use by government and its agencies of some event to further restrict or remove entirely, the civil liberties of people, under the guise of counter terrorism measures in furtherance of the so called “War on terror”.