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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The "European Union" is not the only game in town.

European Union Exit: Who Else Wants Britain To Leave? (Other Than Nigel Farage)


Lord Lawson 


The question headline to this article is: "European Union Exit: Who Else Wants Britain To Leave? (Other Than Nigel Farage)"  Simple

I am no supporter of UKIP or any of the other "celebs" in the photo montage (in the main article) and as for Murdoch, the wheels of justice seem to have missed him. The EU, the Eurozone and all the paraphernalia associated with Brussels, is and always has been a disaster for this country both economically and socially. Too many people it seems (as shown in many of the posts in the comments section of the article), have accepted the propaganda and distortions of the pro European Union lobby and the scare mongering perversions of the, "leaving the EU will cost millions of jobs" faction. There has always been a hidden agenda shared by certain business interests, a number of politicians from each of the parties, some media outlets and above all, most of the murky figures in the banking and finance sectors. It was only ever about money. Trade and industry came somewhere down the field. The people of Europe have paid a considerable price for the experiment of  EU membership and membership of the Eurozone. Ask the ordinary people of Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and a few other countries. They may be persuaded by their own duplicitous politicians to continue their membership for a time yet, but I would prefer to leave.