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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fracking in Dorset ?

Gas companies granted licences for fracking in Dorset

Possible drilling sites in Dorset

Cliff falls along the Dorset coast line have been a regular feature over recent months. Now the gas companies have been granted licenses for fracking beneath huge parts of Dorset and Hampshire.

The 150ft  long, 6ft  deep crack appeared on cliffs near Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth

Cliff collapse
landslide near Durdle Door


Collapsed: Emergency services at the landslide
landslide at West Bay

Fracking has been linked with groundwater contamination and toxic air around sites, and in Lancashire, fracking was blamed for causing small earthquakes. As usual, the old "thousands of jobs could be created" chestnut has been trotted out to justify another of mans assaults on the environment.