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Sunday, 19 May 2013

The next coalition? A deplorable concept

Peter Hain say that Labour must start making overtures to the Lib Dems


Peter Hain with Ed Milliband.
Peter Hain off on another "frolic of his own".

The Labour Party getting into bed with Clegg, (or any Leader for the time being of the LibDems), who has prostituted every principle, commitment or pledge that he or his party may once have had, is a concept too odious to contemplate. The LibDems are have lost all credibility and support, apart from a rump of Liberals and are probably doomed to political oblivion at the next election. For Hain to even consider some form of coalition suggests that he has lost the plot. Should Milliband be persuaded that a coalition or even some form of loose arrangement could be created, then he runs a considerable risk of alienating even more of the traditional Labour vote.