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Sunday, 15 May 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 15 May 2016

Good Morning everybody.

Hello from a location somewhere in Jersey. The crossing from Poole was uneventful probably due to the fact that the windows were covered with heavy rain and outside was, in any case, obscured by very thick mist and fog. We have arrived just a few short days after a period of warm sunshine ended, but at least it has stopped raining now. We have discovered two “new” restaurants so things are looking up.

It is official. Summer has now arrived with the arrival of the first baby swans of the year at the Abbotsbury Swanery. The event was not without drama as Swanherds at the Swannery sprang into action after strong winds and high tides threatened to swamp the waterside nesting ground at Fleet Lagoon, just as the first of the cygnets began to appear. (Full story from Dorset Echo in New Agenda on Sunday)

Laura Kuenssberg

The row over Laura Kuenssberg spilled over from social media onto the front pages of the newspapers after a petition calling for her to be sacked was taken down amid suggestions that hackers and trolls had used sexist and other comments about her on Twitter and Facebook.
Personally, I remain of the opinion that she has no place peddling her own political opinions in BBC television reports where her "news" is usurped by smear, distortion and lies. Whatever may have taken place on Facebook or Twitter, Kuenssberg should still be sacked.

New "Ajax" Battle tank

The British government has placed orders for the first 100 of a total of 600 new battle tanks for the Army. The tanks will be built in Spain but the most staggering aspect of this contract is that the steel will be sourced from SWEDEN! The company supplying the steel will be GCH Capital , who coincidentally, along with company founder Greg Hutchins, just happen to be major financial donors to the Conservative Party. The British steel industry dies as we order steel from Sweden and at the same time, Cameron says that Nigeria & Afghanistan are corrupt.

Ukraine's Jamala. (Who?)

Being away has many compensations. For example, if we were still at home, I would have had to find another reason/excuse for missing the Eurovision Song Contest. Like washing my hair or browsing the internet for suitable stories. The popular appeal of this annual nonsense has always been a mystery to me. (Are some of the “competing” countries actually in Europe?)

The weather this morning is sunny and reasonably warm with the forecast that this will continue until the end of the week. The decision has to be made as to what to wear before going over to St. Catherines to see if the ring do-nuts with sugar and cinnamon are still of an acceptable standard A random sample of three should be enough to form a judgement. Then later, the even more difficult decision of what to choose from the menu at the “Tenby” (best pub food in St Aubin) after their reopening following the restaurant refurbishment.

Have a nice week.