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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lenny Harper's investigation "negatively impacted on the force"

Police ‘regret’ appointing Lenny Harper

"Top Cop" Lenny Harper

Harper was not prepared to "Toe the official line" during his enquiries in his period in charge of the investigation into the historic child abuse. His enquiries led in many directions and upset ( or frightened) too many people who form the "establishment" in Jersey. A mouthpiece now trots out the absurd line that "Mr Harper had an ‘astonishing attitude’ to dealing with the media, which negatively impacted on the force", as part of the ongoing campaign to smear and undermine the work Harper did during his time in Jersey. It clearly evidences, that in Jersey, the image of the States Police is of far more importance than establishing what events took place at Haute de la Garrene and other places across the island.
Harper is being subjected to the same vilification and denigration that has been directed at Stuart Syvret for some years as both have come too close to the truth to be allowed continue in their respective roles.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret stands outside Haute de la Garenne,

The Jersey establishment still have have a great deal to hide.