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Monday, 9 May 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 08 May 2016

Good Morning everyone.

Dell Inspiron 7000 series

My Dell Inspiron 24-7459, 7000 series PC, purchased only at the end of March, went down right in the middle of a piece I was working on last Thursday morning. “Oh dear” I said when, after a number of minutes fiddling, unplugging and a few more “Oh dear” comments, the screen came to life with the message that the system did not recognise the power adapter and instructed me to fit a new one, of the same description or better. A phone call to Dell technical support (to an engineer who's English was not very good, but that is another story) confirmed that the PC was under warranty, and should be returned to Dell for investigation and repair/replacement. I would have thought that a simple power adapter and cable could have been popped into a box and sent to me in place of the defective (?) one, but it seems that the mother board and all of the internal circuits have to be investigated. The courier did collect the computer the following day, but I am now reliant on Sandra's laptop for the next 7 to 10 working days.

A location somewhere in Jersey

The short break in Jersey is now only a few days away, and I can almost smell the aroma of liver and bacon with (very) chunky chips (to be washed down with some Merlot of course) followed by a house special of coconut ice cream, pineapple pieces covered with a very generous measure of Tia Maria. We are also looking forward to seeing some old friends who, due to circumstances, we have not seen for some months.

Sad new from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust that the twin baby gorillas (twins are rare for Gorillas) born to Badongo the silver-back and Kahilli.have both died. 

One died within a short time of birth and the other passed away suddenly overnight two days later after seemingly making good progress.

I rarely comment on America politics, but it seems that the election in November will be between Trump, who is now unopposed for the Republican nomination and Clinton (unless a miracle occurs and Bernie Sanders wins the Democrat nomination) wife of former President Bill. 

Image result for trump and hillary

There seems to be little to choose between these two and whichever wins the Presidency as one New York cab driver once said the American people will “elect the evil of two lessers”.

A few MP's have criticised the government for “dithering over a decision on Heathrow’s third runway”,
There is no dithering!
How many times does this subject have to be kicked into touch before a few business with their own agenda, some MP's with an axe to grind and other vested interests get the message?


The stench of graft that surrounds the "revolving door" deal between politics and business, still lingers after many years. Successive governments have failed to regulate the deplorable practice of politicians and civil servants, leaving Westminster and almost immediately taking positions in organisations with interests closely related to their posts as members of Parliament or civil service advisers to government. 
Perhaps the lure of taking a highly paid position in industry with the prospect of additional benefits, is too much of an incentive for any politician to seriously consider changing the rules. Consequently, this sleazy practice will continue and the smell of payoff will still waft around Westminster.


The next edition of New Agenda on Sunday, will be circulated from a location “somewhere in Jersey” not too far from the sea and certainly not far from our favourite restaurant Pedros (see above for a menu sample). Not Mexican as you may think, but owned and run by two friends of ours who's names are Peter and Roger. (PE and RO. Clever eh)

The weather in Jersey is reported to be good and is forecast to remain good for some days.
The weather on mainland UK is as usual, unpredictable.

Have a nice week.