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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Two naïve backbenchers, adding their "weight" to the media crusade against the Labour party leadership

"We nominated Jeremy Corbyn. Now we regret it" 

Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark 
Jo Cox.MP for Batley and Spen

Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen, first elected in 2015, who nominated Jeremy Corbyn, but voted for the Blairite candidate Liz Kendall in the subsequent leadership election, and Neil Coyle, the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark also first elected in 2015. today seek out an opportunity to continue the duplicitous plotting against the leadership of the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn.
In their joint article in the Observer, reacting to the local election results of Thursday last (5th May) they state that the results for Labour could have been much worse, but could and should have been much better. In support of this rather patronising remark, they bizarrely suggest that Labour should have given the Tories a “good kicking” due to the chaos and discord in our hospitals and schools, an unprecedented housing crisis and fat cats lining their pockets, while life gets tougher for everybody else.
They then go on to offer the even more bizarre explanation as to why the “drubbing” of the Tories did not happen, as being primarily due (in their opinion) to weak leadership and a mistaken sense of priorities creating distraction after distraction and which has stopped (us) getting our message across.
What these two naïve backbenchers fail to realise, either by accident or more probably design, is that the “distractions” and the “failure to get the message across” is due squarely to the plotting and scheming by Mann, Cooper, Hunt, Hodge and a few others within the PLP, and now joined by Coyle and Cox, seeking to remove the party leadership and replace it with their own interpretation of Blairite policy. The rest of the party, its membership and other volunteers are striving to promote policies putting people first and to restore confidence and trust in a party which for many years had betrayed ordinary people and offered only marginal variations of what was essentially no more than Tory policies in a different colour box. The “plotters”, enthusiastically encouraged and supported by television and the media have ensured that public attention is by and large, directed towards the leadership and the attempt to remove Jeremy Corbyn, rather than the issues facing the United Kingdom today.
The majority of the PLP who incidentally support the leadership and the wider membership of the party who gave Jeremy Corbyn an overwhelming majority in the leadership election, are being forced to wage a war on two fronts. One against a small section of the PLP who seek to advance their own political ambitions and the other against the excesses and vested interests of the conservatives and their government which collectively has done so much damage to our country and society.
The “U turns” forced upon the government over recent weeks, Academy Schools, Welfare payment cuts, Trade Union reforms, Hospital Doctors contracts, TATA Steel and others have not been brought about by accident. While the usual suspects in the PLP have been conspiring for their own purposes with the media, the rest of us have been working for the people we represent.

I have written elsewhere that we must never allow the hypocrites and liars to gain control of our party. Joe Cox and Neil Coyle would do well to bear that in mind, and as John McDonnell said yesterday when directing a comment to the conspirators within the PLP, “Either put up or shut up”.